Monday, September 7, 2009

A girl has to eat.

I did so much research into where to go for dinner. I bookmarked reviews, looked for photos and blog postings, read menus and assembled a list.
The Mister emailed a dj friend of his who grew up and lives in Montreal and asked then for recommendations. She came back with one or two and like a dog with a bone The Mister would not even consider any other place except for this one that she mentioned.

L'Express. A Montreal "institution". A place where a trusted critic last reviewed in '05 noting that they served about 400 plates a day and some of those are pre-prepared and microwaved(shudder) but when it became clear than all of my deeply researched restos were not going to even be considered I threw in the towel and told him to go ahead and make reservations, which he did in flawless french.

I'm really, really, really hoping that the food isn't awful. They do serve a big jar of cornichons(baby pickles) when you sit down. Luckily I love cornichons so I could easily fill up on those.
They don't have a website so I can only go by a menu I found on Flickr but it's classic french bistro. I just keep reading review after review that notes about the rudeness of the service and my go to for foodie advice, Chowhound, well...every time a tourist says they are thinking of going there the foodie locals point them in another direction.

Maybe I should just insist on poutine.

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I hope this will make you feel better.....I have an awesome experience there! The food was awesome! I had duck confit and the BF had steak frites - both divine. Wine was amazing and I believe I even had room for creme brulee. Don't be thrown off by the place itself - has diner feel to it...tiled floor, bright lights and the place is hopping!! As for service - it was fine. If you're expecting, your average high-end North American customer service (where they're usually falling over themselves to serve you)'re out of luck. Think European service and you'll be fine!