Thursday, September 24, 2009

By the time I get back to the hotel it is noon. The Mister and I had agreed not to see each other in our outfits and that we would meet at the court house at 1pm. Except he was still in the room and pretty much fresh out of the shower. So I stood around in the hall waiting for him to put on a robe and hide whatever needed hiding.

Ok so I had an hour to do my makeup and get dressed. Oh and I couldn't look at him. So I parked myself at the desk by the window and started doing my makeup. First I set out everything I needed in the order I needed them and then I started. I made sure not to turn my head to the left. I had grand ideas of putting on fake lashes, which I'm a pro at, but not being able to find my regular eyelash glue I had settled for a different brand and I hated it. It was thick and gummy and after two attempts at getting them on I abandoned them. I also decided that I would wear liquid eyeliner. Something I actually do not wear on a regular basis. I got one eye done and it was perfect but without being able to turn I was having trouble twisting my arm around to my other eye. At that point I looked at the clock. 12:34. I remember thinking "This eyeliner needs to be done in 6 minutes." as my witness was coming at 12:45.

Then I started shaking. Not a great thing to do when applying liquid eyeliner to the difficult eye. I wasn't scared or anxious this was the familiar shake of adrenalin. My heart was pounding and I was shivering in my chair. I managed to ride the surge out but I used up my 6 minutes of eyeliner time. I finished the eye, fixed it and made the other eye match. Phew. My witness came and The Mister left leaving me with 15 minutes to finish up.

We were running a bit late though and didn't get into a cab until 1:10.

Now I don't know if it's because the cabbie thought we were tourists since we were exiting a hotel but OH MY DOG did he drive sloooooow and no matter how many times we repeated the address, in both langauges, he acted like he had no clue what we were saying.

The Montreal court house is a very sterile looking office building. It's very out of character for the area it's set in, which is Old Montreal. We travelled up to the 3rd floor.

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