Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want, want, want!

So I decided to have an engagement shoot. This was something we didn't think we could afford but catching a deal on my dress means that we can! Hooray! Since I'm hitting the gym on a daily basis these days I want to wait until mid summer to have the shoot. Yes I'm being vain.

Another reason is so I can hunt down this dress....

Nanette Lepore's Gin Sling Sheath. Swoooon!

Unfortunately it's nowhere. There are two on ebay, one is size 8 the other 10. It is conceivable that I might be able to wear the 10. I have things in my closet that are that size and they fit me(barely). But this is a designer 10, which for some reason isn't the same as a Gap 10. Blah.

Funny story about this dress though. So I showed it to The Mister and he said "That would look nice on you." and then we both started searching for it(we didn't know the name, I thought it may be Nanette Lepore.) once we found it I said something about wanting to wear it to our friends wedding and he goes "oh I thought you wanted it for something else" and after I picked myself up off the floor I was like "umm. ok..well it's multi coloured and not very bridey." Seriously.

Quick recap. The RED dress was I COULDN'T WEAR A RED DRESS! Panic ensued! It was also not very bridey. See that dress up there? Would you consider it "bridey"? nope me neither.

On the bright side I will not have to worry about getting my hair done for my wedding as I will have torn it all out by then!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oooh. That's so pretty. I love Nanette. Have you tried btw - BOYS!

Mo said...

Yay engagement shoot!!
Can't wait to see the pics, the dress is super cute and will look great in photos. Hope you can find it!

Krista said...

The red dress could be a bridal gown. This multicoloured dress ... would require quite the "attitude" or "look" to pull off this as a bridal gown.