Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump day!

Whoa it's Wednesday already? Good grief.

Last week I received an invite to my friends wedding. She of the Chanel outfit and Louboutin shoes. Needless to say it shall be incredibly lovely and amazing. This is her second marriage. I almost crashed her first wedding 10 years ago as the Mister and I had just met and I had convinced a friend to take a road trip to see him on the evening of the wedding to go to the after party, although I didn't know where it was! She also the first (and only so far, knock on wood) friend in that circle to get divorced. I still remember the shock that I felt when I was told. I admit I cried at work. Although not the first friend to get divorced she was the first one I was shocked to hear about.
I know, I know talking about divorce on a blog that is suppose to be about weddings seems somewhat taboo and a bit of a downer but it's a fact of life for us all according to the stats.
I'm really excited about attending her wedding, it's going to be amazing! It also just happens to be on my birthday! Can someone say new outfit? I'm hoping to get something I can also wear for our engagement photos. Hooray for shopping!(oh I say this now come back after I've gone and I'll surely be a teary mess! I seem to love it until I have to actually do it!)

I felt like such a knob though filling out the dietary restrictions on the RSVP card. For the most part we stick to a vegetarian diet except we both eat fish(for me I only eat it depending on how it's prepared.) which would be easy to put down as pescetarian...except I also eat chicken and occasionally bacon which is IMHO the only type of pork. Neither of us eat red meat. I only started eating chicken regularly a couple of years back so up until then I always put vegetarian as my meal option if there was one. For the most part all the vegetarian options have been fine but almost 100% of the time they have been pasta. It's like this practically any restaurant you go to so I am used to it. But after more than half my life spent eating strictly vegetarian I am kind of over pasta as my option.

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