Thursday, May 21, 2009

A ceremony site...

Well I think we finally might have found a place for the ceremony. Funnily enough it was sort of our first choice but we had to wait until the city got back to us and if you've ever dealt with a city employee you know that takes patience!

It's going to cost us about 325 after it's all done only because we want to have a toast and if you want to serve alcohol you have to pay an extra 110 dollars for a permit and insurance. BOO.

See that little sunroom at the bottom left corner of the house? It would be in there.

It might be blazing hot though. Which I only thought about right this second as I was just outside where it is a balmy 25degrees out and I was tres warm. BUT the garden, no wait...THE APPLE ORCHARD!!! for photos? Yes freaking please!! What makes me happy about this location too is that the room needs some sprucing up. Which means????? I get to do some little DIY projects!



Mo said...

Oh Brandy it is gorgeous!! I'm am so happy for you, it's going to be beautiful.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh wow. That's stunning! Where is it? Definitely not the is it?

Brandy said...

It's Spadina House! It's right beside Casa Loma!

AmyJean said...

OH VERY COOL! How exciting!