Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ebay is okay.

Guess who hunted down the Nanette Lepore Gin Sling dress from this post? MOI!
I admit to finding it on Ebay. I haven't bought much off of Ebay, actually I've only bought 6 things and half of those have been camera related. One of my hobbies is photography and I enjoy shooting film on vintage cameras. The Mister has bought a lot off of Ebay, in fact I'm sure that all of my Christmas gifts our first year together were from there. Including the ill fitting ugly sweater he bought. I wore it but oh, man it was....not fun.
I have always been leery of buying clothes though because there are so many what ifs . What if it doesn't fit? What if it's a fake? What if it has an stain or rip? The possibilities are endless for a mind like mine that spends 75% of the time worrying about things outside the realm of possibilities!

Now I just need to find the perfect black heels to go with it!

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