Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And now, the end is near......

So now that I'm married I find I have nothing to say(at least about weddings!)

Looking back it was a bumpy ride, totally worth the ride once we arrived at the destination but boy oh boy there were times I was basically thisclose to checking myself into a "health spa".

Do I have regrets? Not for a second. I enjoyed trying on dresses that cost more than a down payment on a house but would I have coughed up the dough for one? Heck no! For me, personally, as much as I fell repeatedly in love with the gloss and glitter of the wedding industry I just couldn't get on board with spending so much money on one day. What can I say I'm cheap!

Eloping is not for everyone BUT I highly recommend it for those who it clicks with! Not one person who might have been upset by the surprise was(at least they didn't tell me they were!). I happen to think that anyone in my life who would have been upset by our eloping would obviously not have really known us. We'd been together ten years so it wasn't like we ran off in the middle of the night and got hitched!

I avoided family drama, which when you have a million relatives is pretty unavoidable! I avoided my mom showing up in a sequined red dress. I avoided having my sister have a nervous breakdown because she has a severe anxiety over making speeches. I avoided drunken relatives picking fights with other drunken relatives(oh it's happened at family weddings.)

I avoided everything that would have caused me to turn into a ball of panic and anxiety. I wanted to get married to the man I loved, simple really, so I did. It was awesome.

This weekend my the parents will have their first meal together as inlaws...should be interesting.

Oh and last weekend my lady friends had a dinner for me. So I'll recap that once I get over the embarrassment of the photos and video(errrgh so drunk.) and then....well then I have something up my sleeve...


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Good luck on the parents' dinner!!

You're not just realized what works for you.

Brandy said...

Oh no I'm cheap/frugal/ me!
I tend to pick my money spending battles!

Halsey said...

To each their own! All that matters is that you're hubby are happily in love :)

kobe said...

just give best wishes to you