Friday, August 7, 2009

How does your garden grow.....

I have always known that I would do my own flowers. Flower arranging is something I've always been rather good at right up there with flower growing. For years I even arranged flowers for the office I worked in, I was given a budget each week and I would trek out to the flower markets on a Monday morning and then make a different arrangement every week. Clients always asked what florist we used. When I was a kid I would check out books on flower arranging from the library on a regular basis. I would love to be a professional florist maybe that's my calling.
In spring I planted a whole bunch of dahlias and in the past week some of them have started blooming. And boy are they beautiful. As an organic gardener I'm never sure how something will turn out, I'm constantly at war with various critters who think I've planted a delicious buffet just for them. I use companion plants that are known to repell inscects and other beneficial bugs that come in and eat the bad bugs. I'm the captain of my own lady bug army!
I should be able to use all flowers from my garden for my bouquet(fingers crossed that theres no freak hail storms!) flowers a grew myself that will be back every year around the same time so I can create my bouquet every year for free!


Katie said...

amazing! My aunt has a huge flower garden with most of the flowers I wanted to use in my bouquets and centerpieces. Unfortunately, I was two weeks to late for the peonies and tulips and I was two weeks to early for the hydrangeas!

Marie-Ève said...

Amazing. I would have LOVED that job so much. I'm the same. I'm pretty sure in fact that flower arranging is my calling! So, will it be dahlias for your bouquet then?