Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 more days!

I had a semi wedding related dream last night. I was looking for the perfect lipstick and I had found it, it was a little pot of glossy rosy/brown/gold colour and when I tried it on it made my lips full and perfect. It was magical. So of course I was going to buy it but then the sales lady gave me the wrong one. She gave me a glossy Barbie pink pot and told me it was the one I had tried on. I was so distraught, mostly because I had of course left this until the day of the ceremony.

Of course I haven't found the perfect lipstick. Although it might be somewhere in the suitcase sized makeup case I have or the smaller (but still bigger than a shoe box) sized case. I have a lot of makeup.
I've had this photo in my folders for a while now. I'm not sure where it's from, I had Googled "Classic makeup" and it came up.

It's a pretty straight forward look, easy to pull off but also easy to mess up. The lips could be too red and the eyes too dark instantly giving off an 80's vibe. I'm fairly confident in my makeup artist skills, I have after all done the wedding makeup of all my friends for the last ten years as well as all the special occasions that have come up in the past...oh 15 or so years? Not to mention all the ladies nights where I plastered on the slap to various girls working from books and magazines to achieve a certain look. These nights were sometimes disastrous as a few drinks in I find I start going a wee bit over board!

Makeup is something I enjoy doing. I don't do it professionally, although I did go to school for hair and makeup I found I didn't really enjoy dealing with strangers. Guess all those years of being told not to talk to them really etched itself into my brain!

The next photo(from the same folder, from the same search.) Is a variation on the look above. It's obviously more glam but really the only difference is a darker lip and eyeliner. Perhaps a different shade of eyeshadow. I love that the simplest changes in tone and colour and such make for a completely different look.

It's classic. It's glamorous and it's sexy. I'm a big fan of a dark lip. This look is also much more matte than the previous. Something that may be hard to pull off mid September when the weather can still be hot and humid. I wear matte foundation in the winter months only. Once summer comes the slightest hint of humidity and that results in a weird cakey mask of oil and sweat and makeup sitting on my face fighting each other. No one wins that war.

Once summer comes I mix up an spf moisturiser with some foundation and a pearly highlighting cream. It's sheer and illuminating and keeps the cancer away.

Ahh the smokey eye.

Who doesn't think it's a sexy look? If done properly it looks stunning...if not...well I see a lot of girls who don't do it properly and I want to scrub their faces clean. A proper smokey eye shouldn't look like you got into a fight with a can of black paint and lost. Eyeliner is not a right it's a privilege! You can barely, barely see the thin line on the top lip. and the bottom is just smudged with the same grey silver shade. It's lovely.

The lips are barely there, a shimmery gloss is all that's needed and there's a hint of blush.

It is sadly probably a bit much for a 1:30 elopement but perhaps a quick trip to change right before dinner that evening could be arranged. Although a trip to the hotel after were might have to do my makeup.

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oooh, I love the smokey eye. I wish I could do my own makeup, beyond the basics. (I frequently go without for fear of making myself look like a drag queen)