Monday, August 17, 2009

Dress hunt continues.

The dress hunt continues....
T minus 5 weeks to go.

My friend E (who is also one half of our witnesses) saw the dress in the previous post and confirmed what was already swirling in my mind, that although it was a lovely dress that cut was bound to just make my large hips look even larger, she didn't say it like that of course.


Then today I went and tried on a similar dress at BCBG and it was not nice so it's vetoed.

I know exactly what I would like just from all the various dresses I did try on.

  • Sweetheart or V neckline.
  • corseted back.
  • A line or empire waist.
  • Something floaty and swingy.
  • Not much bedazzling(a little bling is nice.)
  • Something with dots would be extra nice.
  • Knee length or floor length.

If you know of a dress that has at at least two of these assets please point me in the right direction!

On a whim I went into a bridal shop near my house that has samples for sale. I wasn't going to try one one but I did. It was beautiful. It was also half price! Unfortunately the original price was 2700 dollars. Sigh.


Laurel said...

I am sure you have seen this J cres dess but I feel like it fits alot of criteria.

go to this link

Laurel said...

here it is on ebay